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Insurance Providers Blog: health

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When it comes to travel insurance, you may not think twice about it if you are traveling within the United States. You may simply buy your tickets and head out the door. But, should you have coverage in place for domestic travel? This depends on a number of factors. READ MORE >>

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Heart disease refers to a lot of different heart conditions that ultimately threatens how your heart works. Fortunately, like other muscles in your body, there are things you can do to protect your heart and improve the chances of not developing heart disease. READ MORE >>

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that men and women have varying nutritional needs. But men, do you which nutrients you may be deficient in? While your lifestyle plays a role in that answer, there are four nutrients that a large percentage of men do not regularly consume enough of. READ MORE >>

Maybe you've been meaning to drop those stubborn 30 post-pregnancy pounds, or perhaps your doctor has been asking you to do something about your expanding beer belly. But besides taking action and doing something good for your health, did you realize that losing weight may also result in fewer healthcare costs? READ MORE >>

For most people, a bee sting results in temporary pain and minor discomfort. Others may experience an allergic reaction and need immediate medical attention. If you or a loved one is stung by a bee this summer, you should know how to handle it. Identify the Severity READ MORE >>

Dietary needs change with age. What you ate when you were young may not be adequate to sustain your health now that you are over 50. Consider the following recommendations to determine if you are eating appropriately as a senior. Make changes—with additional assistance from your doctor—as needed to help keep healthy for years to come. READ MORE >>

Have you ever been told you have high blood pressure? What have you done to improve your blood pressure? In many cases medication and lifestyle changes are recommended to successfully treat high blood pressure.   What is High Blood Pressure? When you go to the doctor, you have your blood pressure measured. READ MORE >>

Did you know that your body is composed of over 60 percent water? Walking through a grocery store gives you aisles of beverage choices, but nothing is as good for you as plain, fresh water. In fact, any drink that has added sugar, salt or caffeine reduces the hydration effect. READ MORE >>

If you’re injured while performing the duties of your job, you probably take some relief in the fact that the company’s workers compensation insurance will likely cover your medical expenses. However, in order to receive the payout you deserve, you have to prove that you were indeed injured at work, along with the extent of your injuries. READ MORE >>

Owning a business is an enormous investment and one large loss can be fiscally detrimental. Luckily, there are a variety of business insurance policies available to protect your company from such damages. Call an agent for more information about state mandates in regards to workers compensation, ... READ MORE >>

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